Kevin Baity Kraft Beers


17 thoughts on “Kevin Baity Kraft Beers

    • We do not do anything that is completely “certified organic”. We strive to be as natural and local as possible but we do require materials from a wide variety of national and international providers and can’t always guarantee that the products are from organic sources. When possible we do use organic products, typically the lavender in the Bella Lager and the spices and pumpkins in the pumpkin beer are from certified organic sources.
      Hope that helps.

  1. Would it be possible to purchase a gift certificate? I live in Australia and want to arrange a Christmas gift for my brother in Colorado Springs — he loves your beer and I would like to give him some Christmas cheer from Kraft Beer.

    • Hi Janice,

      Currently, we do not have gift certificates or online ordering. However, we are working franticly to make more options available in the new year. We will make sure that you are first to know when we do get things up and running!

      Happy Holidays,


  2. Excelllent beer! Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to try the cider once it’s figured out. I’ll have to make a special trip from California. Thanks for the company while we waited for our keys.

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  4. Kevin,

    I just wanted to say thanks for letting me learn a little more about you, your beer, and the brewery! It was great to stop in from out of town and be welcome with open arms. You have a very great brewery and I am sure that you will continue to have great success. I wish you all the best and when I am ready to start my nano brewery in NY I will give you a call. All the best.


    1SG (Ret) K

  5. Was pleased to find you guys on a recent trip my boys dreamed up for a father/son beer tour of Colorado. Great beer, good people! The only problem was we were not able to spend more time with you. Loved the IPA, hoppy but not too! One of the best (top 2) IPAs we had during our trip and we had at least two dozen different Ones. Can’t wait to get back. Plan to stop in October on the way to Wyoming for Elk season. Get ready to fill a growler or two. Thanks again, David, Trey and John.

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